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April 18th, 2005

01:40 am - 2 days left....
Huh well lets see here alot of shit has happened latly. Mostly bull shit, trying to work alot of this shit out but its not working out to good. But ne wayz, so i teched the ajb show thats was boring as hell. I got about a 100 an something bucks though plus the 60 bucks that im going to get for teching that jigaboo event. But i dont know when the fuck im goin to get that money. Hopefully soon though cause i want to have some money to spend. I think im goin to be a cell phone. I fucking hate working, this shit is gay. I keep on telling my parents that we better fucking get this house because im not goin to be doing all this shit for nothing you know, lol. Shit im so fucking lazy an dont do shit. Like today i mowed the fucking lawn, yea wow. An ha ha to any body that just mite find that funny. But i mowed preety good mainly because i am mexican an it probably comes natural or i dont know. Point blank we better get this fucking house, an im never fucking mowing my lawn again. But yea this weekend couldnt have gone any more smoother. Well friday was ok i guess after rehearsal i went to a waffle house for the first time in my life with tim an jennifer. It smelt good to, to bad i didnt have any money an couldnt by shit. damn! An as for saturday well everthing was going ok i guess an then shit, fuckin i find out 3 twists in like 25 minutes an it just pissed me off. I swear i was bipolar for like 2 hours. Because it was a combonation of really good news an making me feel really good, but at the same time i find something else out that pissed me off an...yea whatever it was confusing as hell and at the same time preety hillarious. But naa it was a long fucking story about what happened that saturday night. If you dont know about it you'll here about it sooner or later an if not...ehh...I need a fucking job like soon. Im tired of sitting on my ass an doing nothing. I dont know what the fuck that i am going to do or where i am going to work at. hmm? Im probably going to end up working at my golf course for the summer. An a few dollars an try an help my parents buy me a car. I dont really know what car im going to get though. At this point i really dont give a shit though, 4 wheels an engine you know, not really. Im going to end up getting a jeep or a civic both preety decent cars i think. I finshed drivers ed to last week too, i take my test on the 26th of this month. An i better pass too, because if i dont im going to be fucking mad as hell. If i do pass, then i can convince my dad to take me to get my hardship or whatever the fuck its called. But yea he told me that he would help me get it so thats cool i guess, so i can be drving by this summer it think. Unless i have no idea wat im talking about rite now an i kind of think that i dont but "ehh what are you going to do"...I hear something my be happening this weekend, so lets see how that goes an if i can invite someone...wassup! Yea you'll have no idea what that is about. Ne wayz im gone, im going to try an get a picture for the background for my xanga an try to figure out how the fuck im suppose to use it. Till the next time im bored out of my fucking mind...

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March 18th, 2005

02:05 am - Yea Whatever...

So today is St. Patricks day, an happy birthday sis...Ne wayz yea well i didnt go to school today was because i didnt feel to good, an i just didnt feel like going. So fuck it i just stayed home an watched red vs. blue. Tsk tsk just a loser. But being sick today was not just a bright idea. Cuz now i cant go get my permit, god damnit that sucks, but eh its all good i'll try to go 2 moro so i can start driving for class on monday. Im still going to get my license in september something not to sure yet so its all good. I should pass that fuckin test too, its basically common sense, so i think i should do good. But that class is fun, an its cool enough that we get out 10 minutes early every day. But like 3 days ago i put the second hand on the clock like 10 minutes ahead so now we get out like 20 minutes early, lol so thats preety koo i guess...but yea, been feeling like hella shit the past couple of days, dont really no why. But oh well.

On a lighter note my ass failed the 9 weeks, go figure. An yea im preety pissed cuz i gotta wait 3 weeks until my progres report to come out to play golf again or in a tournament. Man no matter how hard i try my ass still fails, huh? If it wasnt for golf, youd see my ass walking on the side of the road with a fucking gorcery basket. But yea, i should pass this year though there is no doubt about that. But theres always that slight chance that i could fuck up again. But now that i broke a certain "habbit" i think i should pass now. Then next year i wont got to do shit, an i'll be driving too so thats going to be koo. But like i dont know if its a fucking joke or something, but like theres alot of ppl that dont want me to drive, i wonder wat there trying to say about that, oh well.

Not to sure wat im going to do this weekend, i hear that there is a lil get together happening saturday so something to look for, an for friday im hoping that i get to see a certain someone, but i highly doubt that. Oh well tho, i want to do something. An next week we got a early dismissal on wensday, hells yes an no school on firday. Can you say party...Ne wayz im goin to either clean my room or go to sleep, so w/e....


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February 22nd, 2005

04:50 pm - So eh Yea

So today was the TAKS test. Man i fucking failed that thing with like no problem at all. Well at least on the reading part, cuz damn those question s were hard as shit, but oh well. The revising thing was hella easy. An the essay prompt was so stupid..."How can one event have a impact on ur life" or some shit like that. Man i put some shit that my uncle had a real bad life so he joined the marines. An it "supposobly changed is whole life gave him hope again an yea. I basically bull shited the whole thing like everyone else. There is no one that actually tells the truth on that thing. It makes it so much easier to tell a lie. See, who said lying was jusdt a bad thing...yea im going to hell... But god damn i really hope i passed that fucking thing. Cuz i dont want to have to take it next year, my ass is going to want to stay home that day and not take it. An speaking of next year i have still yet to turn in my course selectoin sheet next year, oh well. My counseler is cool i can go like during th summer an she can like give me watever classes that i want so yea. But i still might go an try to turn it in. Still debating if i wont to take theatre production again next year cuz i dont know if i want to or tho. Id rather get 5th preiod off an try to get 4th period of as well, an possibly get a job to get me some money. So yea but iono i gotta find out wat im going to do...

On a lighter note tho i got 3rd place at my golf tournament yesterday. Heck yea i got a new all time low. 75. And for those of you who dont know what that means that is really good, so yea go me...not really. But what really i pssing me off is that i could have one but i fucked up on the very last whole that is still bugging me. If i only would have made that putt i would have been tied for first place an possibly came our with the win. But they would have done a score card playoff so there wasnt a gurantee that i would have one. What a scorecard playoff is they look at the hardesrt whole an see what you got an the one who did the best wins. You see i dont like that, i like playing in sudden death. Because i am good when i am just playing, but when i play in a playoff i do a million times better. I dont know why i've just always been like that. I seem to play better whenever i am playing under presseue. And i never get nervous either because whenever you get nervous all that causes is you to fuck up. So yea but eh i'll take 3rd place any time. It felt good because i havent placed in a tounrament since i was like 13 an since this was a high school tounrament it felt really good. So yea an i got a tounrament next wendsay. Hopefully i'll be passing so that i can play in that tournament. Cuz my grades still arent lookng to good. I might be passing algebra barely thouhg because i think i passed one of my test which is amazing but im still not sure. So i might be passing that class. I have a week to bring up like 2 grades which is possible for me. How i bring up these grades i have no fucking idea, an like in no time either.

So i am kinda waiting for this weekend to hurry up an come, cuz i fucking wont this week to be over. Im tired of school i only have i more fucking year an then i am out. Fuck Yea! I am ready to graudate too, but like my fucking parents are going to make like some huge deal out of it. Because i am going to be the very first boy in my family to graudate which is kinda cool. But ne wayz yea riday i think that i am going to go bowl/ play pool with Jennifer an Tim so that is going to be cool i guess, beats staying home an prolly getting yelled out for something stupid by my sis. Which she did like 2 days ago. Why? Supposobly i screwed up her computer. Bull Shit! I didnt so shit the only thing that i used it for was to get gutair tabs an thats it. An then she blames me for fucking her computer up. God damn she is just looking for some other excuse to get me in trouble but my parents know that i didnt so i dont really care. MAn i think i either broke or seriously messed up my pinky knuckle. Because it looks like the bone is coming out or some shit its gross an it hurst a little bit. I want to like go to the doctor but i dont really care. As long as it does not screw up my golf swing i sont care. Maybe it made my swing better, hmmm? But yea then on sunday i am going to see the play with susan, well i tihnk its this sunday hmm i'll have to ask.

Well all right you few people that actually read this thing i am getting hungry an really fucking hot. I know i am going to put my ac in my room. Heck yea!!!


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February 17th, 2005

02:42 am
Since the honest comment that i got from Susan the last time on my LJ i have decided to watch my language this entry ok Susan just for you. :) LOL

Ah ne wayz so yea. I find my self not updating this think as much anymore. I member when i use to update this thing everyday. Well i dont know i just stoped. That an i have been playin golf a whole lot more too. I dont know for how long though considering the fact that i aint doing to good in school. It's freaking gay i didnt ask for Algebra 2, god dang you go 2 hell an nv return. Well i think i might pass algebra under intensive sucking up an helping out the teacher. Because my teacher is the head of the black history month thingy an he once me to do lights for that. So at first i was like no i dont want to do that, listen to people rap i hear that shtuff enough. But a good friend of mine pointed out well hey if you help him out maybe he will help your grade out a little bit...Hmm? So im like yea an if he doesnt help out my grade i'll screw up the performance. Hey dont blame me they were "techncal difficulties" Yea...But point blank maybe i'll pass if i'll help him out that just leaves psychology and english an maybe chemistry. God $%%^$ someone help me out please in school. My freaking sister doesnt ever help me. Last year my parents actually had to pay her to help me. An she says i dont try, well how am i ever goin to try when i dont under stand the stupid thing to begin with. So yea if any one is kind enough to help out a not to brite... dumb@$$ mexican boy i would be real happy...so i can play in more then one tournament this year

I played in my first one yesterday an how i did? ehehehehe not to bien. I mean front nine i kicked butt, but that back nine. Man that thing just destroyed me. I dont know wat happend but oh well. That stuff happnes, its life. I no that im better then that any ways so im not really worried that much. At least now i have something to work on i guess? Im still technically number one on the team too after my not to good score yesterday. So i guess some good came out of it. That really pissed me off i got put as number 2 on the team before we played. WTF is that crap. I was kinda like why. he put another kid on it. An yes i admit he is good, but i am better. Not to brag or be a poor sport. I can kick his you no wat...

Man my clock is all wrong on my computer its like 2 hours behind or some stuff. But if i try to change it my comp will probly freeze...GAY! Yea my buddy mark came up with a weird theory. Why does a new day start at 12 o'clock in the morning. When does the sun come out aroun 6 ish right in the morning an when the sun comes out that starts a new day. An the sun goes down at around 6 ish an that ends the day. So why dont we start the day at 6 an end it at 6 it makes so much sense...lol... Ne wayz so we have friday off heck yea. That means im only going to school three times this week. Thats cool, not really considering i should be in school...Oh well. Man this no swearing thing is hard but oh well im bored an its freaking 4 in the morning so i'll try it. An it might make the cool feel even cooler. lol im just a looser. Any ways im hungry goin find something to munch on or somethin...Later all you guys

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January 10th, 2005

09:52 pm - Wat Da Deal?
Whoa its been a long fucking time since i wrote err typed in this thing. I fucking never update this thing anymore. Either i finally got a life or am tired of waiting for my slow ass computer too load. HaHa like me having a life, that aint going to fucking happen. Im just some fucking weird ass mofo who likes too piss of black people. LOL. I am sure that everyone of you'll had heard about that fucking story. An to save me from typing if you havent heard of the story read Will's LJ an that should explain it all. But yea what did i learn this weekend. Never piss off a homless black guy. Never call them a nigga an offer to sell them crack. Yea thats a no. An the moral of the story. "Keep my fucking mouth shut in public or when black people are around. Yea ur looking at the number 1 person on the black panthers hit list. LOL. Yea those who were with me you'll have to admit that was actually really funny at one time, or one second. Oh man yea that was a pretty interesting day right there. But what was really the cherry on top. Was that same day my mom came and got me after the workday was over an we went to chevron to get gas. An OH MY FUCK! I fucking see that same black guy standing in front of the entrance. Oh shit can you say coisedence. I tryed not to look at him an i dont think he saw me. Cuz i didnt want him coming over an starting shit or something. Oh man what a week. Then fucking friday before any of this happen. I fucking go an get my physical for golf. An yea it goes good. But apperently i have fucking shrek ears an they are really dirty filled with wax an shit. Yea go ahead an laugh. But any wayz the nurse is cleaning my ears witht some water pressure thingy. An she goes to fucking far an scratches my fucking ear canal and it started to bleed. That was not cool i was fucking pissed. But hey at leat i kept to miss agerbra 2. Even no im doing hella bad in that class right now.

Man this fucking sucks. I have to find a way to still do the play an go to golf practices. You see my original plan was to go to the play for tech week on like the 15th or some shit. But apparently Mr.Menn wants me stay after earlier an fuck i have golf too. An i dont want to miss practices. But oh well shit happens i guess. An i practice for the first time today in a year. It was like i never stoped playing golf. I fucking taged the shit out of that ball. I think i did fairly well for not hitting a ball in a year. My sister was pissed at me because she was wonderin how i am stil able to do that after a year. Hey thats a god given talent right there. It's like riding a bike never goin to forget that. Yea an i dont really think Mr.Stweart would really care if i dont go to practice that much. Cuz yea since i am so good an all...But i practice on the weekends any ways so its not like im not getting practice. Yea an i am pretty sure that i am not going to do one act play. Which is really goin to piss off Mr.Menn cuz he really wants me to do it but eh fuck it shit happens. I have to really focus on golf this last couple of months before school finshes. Make it to state hells yes, an prove to all of you'll that golf is a pimp ass sport...Yea i'll shut up now. But ne wayz yea but if i dont do one act play then there is a good chance that i will be taken out of theater production. Which would kinda suck because its kind of like my junior off period. But eh if i have to get out of that class to play golf then oh well its all good.

All right guys i am running out of shit to right about now. Plus i am fucking tired as a bitch. So i am going to sleep. Later you'll...

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November 29th, 2004

07:53 pm - time to update this journizzle...
So wats up all you computer nerds who have nothin to do but read online journals. I havent really updated in quite a long time. Im really bored an i have alot on my mind so i think im goin to update this shit. None of you'll read it any ways so its all good.

Not much has happened to me these past how ever long its been since i updated. Uhh well lets see here where can i begin. I guess i could begin a week ago whenever we went to thespian festival. That was cool so ppl thought that it was really boring but it was ok. Yea there were some points where it was fuckin borig as hell. But there were some other parts that were really cool. Like texas techie oh shit we sucked so bad. I think we got 3rd to last but its all good. We gave it our best an wat not so eh. Then later on that nite in the hotel room will an matt deicde to play a lil game with us. Im sure u read about it in Will's journal so i'll save me the typing haha im so lazy. Yea but i think the higlight of the festival was the light show that was fuckig awsome as hell. WE so need to get intelligent lights for taylor...The main stage shows...i got one thing to say. Best sleep i ever got. First show was noises off :SUCKED ASS: slept...then we saw this holocaust one well that one was ok but i still fell asleep. Haha we discovered a very funny sound effect tho. Badoop..haha well reading it u cant get the full funny from it...ne wayz yea that was funny...An finally the last show the chalk zone or some shit like that. Oh shit did i ever sleep. Me susan hannah tim an Joseph went on the balcony for the last show an well they planed to stay awake but i sure the hell didnt. About 10 min in the show Tim hannah an me laid on the floor an we went to sleep. Ahh it was so comftorble that fuckin floor was like 3 inches thick. It was more fuckin comftorble then my own matress. IT was funny tho cuz i woke up like in the middle of the show an tim an hannah were right beside me an they were out. Then i went bak to sleep. Every time that we heard a clap me an hannah jumped up an started clapping because we thouhgt it was over...Ahh good times....

Gosh i am doing so bad in school right now. I am failing spanish II, English III, Biology, an Chemistry, oh so bad. An the really fun part is i have about less then three weeks to some how bring up all of the grades. God i am not going to go threw all of this shit again like i did last year. Failin 7 classes an somehow bringing them all of within 3 weeks of the last day of school. No fuck that shit. I am not failing of the golf team like i did last year. I have to work on my scholarship. But last year i did end up passing 6 out of 7 classes so i think that its quite possible passing 4...i hope...

An some other news from ur fellow horseshoe if you actually read this shit. I have been doing much thinkinh latly. An i am not going to college. I have decided to go into the marines after i graduate high school, if you can believe that shit. Y? if some of you'll are wondering. I think that it would be a real good experince for me an it will be cheap for my parents an i can get paid an get some really good benifits, so i think that it would be real good for me. My dad seems to be real happy with the whole thought of me goin into sevice, but my mom dosent want me 2 because she doesnt want me goin to war. An all that stuff but its all good. If i go to war oh well thats the risk that i am going to have to take. An its cool to. Its better then the army. As susan said. "the uniforms are cooler an you get a sword" Hells yes bizzitches i get a sword, so dont piss me off haha...Yea wow i feel kind of bad because like alot of you'll are killing themseleves trying to get in a good college an im not even going.

All right then all you guys i for one think that this journal was to fucking long...so i am done for writng today. I'll update the next time i am bored out of my mind...which should be very soon...ne wayz later...

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October 2nd, 2004

12:28 am - ..not much left to say...
So its been kind of a while since i updated this whole thing an what not. Because well eh what do u'll care you'll dont read this shit any ways. But yea...So things have been going ok i guess. I turned in my mula for festival an i am happy about going so Tim, Susan, Matt, an me can go an kick some ass in texas techie! Yea watever though i just got to worry about passing my classes an not fuck up like i did last year. I got my progress report an well...im not failing so that is good. My lowest grade is a 72 an that is in algerbra II so i gotta be carefull in that class. One slip up an im fucked. But i am pretty sure that i just passed my test with like a 80 so my grade is better in that class..I hope? An as for the rest of my classes there all fine an stuff. Uhh well thats it. Not much to update an i dont feel like saying much anyways.later muchachas...
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September 24th, 2004

12:08 am

Today wasnt all bad really really boring though. But i am passing all my classes so i am happy bout that, i was worried that i was failing chemistry an spanish but i wasn't. How fucking depressing is that. Me almost failing spanish thats pathetic when I have a C in spanish im mexican an i am the "whitest" mofo in the class. An my dad speaks spanish. Hmm i dont know i dont make the fucking rules. But question how the fuck does my sister still get my grades for her email account whenever she graduated an when i filled out that card thingy an the begining of the year i put my email address? Hmmm dammit i dont want my sister to know my grades then she is going to gladly blurt them out to my parents! Oh well at least i know that i am not failing an hopefully i wont this year. Umm yea I have a 96 in world history...Damn i feel really bad for all the people that are killing themselves constanly 24/7 to get there APUSH work done. And how i have had no hw an no test in my history class an passing with a high A. Oh well all of you people in APUSH wish you'll luck in passing that fucking class. Oh shit today we fucking made Mr.Cherry look like a fucking dumbass. After lunch Will, David, an me were walking back to class an then we just starting pointing at the ceiling an we weere like "OMG WHATS THAT!" At first he didnt look then he looked up all scared an crap an then just stared at us lol, an we checked back to make sure that he was not following us lol. Yea that was cool an i just bombed my fucking algerbra II quiz today :/ made me kinda pissed. But hopefully it does not affect my grade to much.

Set crew today was fucking boring as hell. We did not do shit except make some more dragon poo. Well i supervised along with Matt an the freshmans painted an stuff. But it was so boring though ne any wayz. I was like falling asleep on the rolley chair an like just rolling backwards asleep haha it was pretty funny. An the actors rehearsed in the theatre today. An well i guess it went ok but there were alot of people that did not know there lines. But hey who gives a fuck it really only matters until opeining night then guess ur fucked! Oh well. An omg again we made another teacher look like a fucking dumbass. Matt, Ryan an Me were taking out the trash to the dumpster an just as we were walking out Mr.Flores stops us an starts asking us all of these fucking questions. It was pretty funny though. He was like "Stop where all you'll going" then matt bust out "were going to go play poker behind the school" hah it was funny. Then mr.flores is all "why are you taking this trash out?" "Uhh what are we suppose to do with it" haha it was really funny because he liked walked off all like feeling dumb haha that damn dumb child rapper. I guess today was like make fun of teachers...wait at tick...i do that all the time!

So i might actually be going to homecoming an i am real happy about that. But like its going to be kinda weird cause like well one i cant fucking dance at all. And two its my first dance...But oh well i am not going to be letting that get to me. So yea that is going to be cool. Not that i think we are going to be there that long cause i dont really like dances but Tim an Jennifer asked me to go with them so i was like yea ok. An i have someone to go with so i was like cool plus i have to go to a dance sometime in my life...im sure that it is going to be fun as well yup yup.

So and on the whole Will Alex sitiation. I know it is kinda old news now but i am still going to kick his fucking ass an does anybody agree with me on that. Not only am i still pissed at him for what he did to Will. I now also find out that after my sister was always so nice to him an is currently defending him right now. I found out that he fucking talks about my sister behind her fucking back. Like he says shit about her an crap. Im like wtf is that shit. Sure my sister is mean to me an crap an always bosses me around but hey what sibling doesnt have conflicts. But where the fuck does he get at talking about MY fucking sister. Is he fucking dumb. No one fucking talks shit about my sister. Or any one of my family members or i will fucking hurt them. I mean wtf is that shit...God damn i hate writing about that fucking stuff just had to get that crap out. I apologize for writing that i am just really fucking pissed at that Fucker for talking bout my sis when she was so nice to him...anways im done writing is this journizzle today...ltr u'll....


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September 19th, 2004

09:46 pm - What a very memorable week this was...
Well i am sure that everybody heard about the very infamous saturday night. That i was very glad not to be apart of. But oh well i'm pretty sure that everyone heard about it an i dont want to write about any of that stuff. An if you dont know what happen that you shouldnt worry about it...

ne wayz...

This week was okay i guess as usual. School seems to be going a little bit better i assume. Except for english and maybe spanish. god i really dislike my english teacher, but oh well there is nothing you can do. Wensday was early dismissal and i went lots of places there. Tim, Jennifer an me went alot fo places. We went to cafe east an saw Mr. Mccal <> an we saw mr.bell an holy crap alot of fucking teachers. Then we just went driving went to the haloween express store were me an Tim nearly lost our fucking minds on a certain haloween costume that jen tryed on. one word DAMN! lol yea that was fun then we saw cellular. I liked that movie alot of people said that it sucked an it was not that good...well i enjoyed it an it was really funny cuz we were like the only fucking people in the theatre haha. MAybe cuz it was wendsday at fuckung 7:30 at night hmmm yea that might have been a good reason. Eh big whoop it was fun an a really serious/funny movie. Rest of the week was kinda dull an boring. Saturday was pretty fun too again. Went to the workday for only morning then left with joey and abraham to go to the astros baseball game which i had no intention of going too but hey "its all good" An the astros fucking won too. i felt so happy cuz like every time that i go they loose cuz im bad luck like that...But what really pissed me off was we were like standing in a very tight line along the doughout which i might add was in excruchiating pain cuz abraham kept pushing me in the bar...but yea we were waiting for like 2hrs for a fucking autograph an we did not get shit. It pissed me off really bad but oh well. An what we did after the party i hvae no comment on. Just that i care for my friends no matter what the fuck they do or what they think of me for caring...ok thats it im going to try an go to slepp now cuz i ate to much fucking pizza an my stomach really hurts now...peace out u'll...

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September 12th, 2004

04:58 pm - This weekend went by way to fast!

So it's been a while since i updated this thingy thingy so i guess i will go ahead an share my boring life with the few of you that actually read this stuff...

Friday-was really fun indeed, even know the school day was really boring as usual, God i really dont like school anymore. Fuck i still have 2 more years of the shit then i got college! Oh well...ne wayz. 5th peroid was ok like usual me an matt basically tryed to fix up the piano garage. So no one would still big bertha. Well that worked out ok i guess...well at least it closes an you can close that little hingy thingy so it stays close...woot! Yea then after school we were basically waiting around for like an hr an 45 minutes for are materials to actully get here. So when we got them i had to leave an go home. I got home an i got ready to go to my friends party that was fun. Becaseu i havent seen her in like 5 years an it was cool to see her again. Her birthday party was at this restaurant called Los cucos WOW they had some really good food there. AS homer would say glgulgluglugluglug

Saturday-wow was a really producitve/destructive day indeed. I got up at around 8 so that i could go to school at 9 for the saturday workday. Wow we did so much shit that day. I think that was the most work that we had ever done during a saturday workday. I built like 4 flats out of the 7 flats that we got done with. It was real fun though ne wayz. Because during lunch we played theatre footbal. God that is really fun. We were having fun then jennifer's broter came an then fucking scared all of us to death. Im serious if he would get that ball then you could gurantee a touchdown lol. Picture like 300 pound bear charging after you with a furocius face an that is what it was like trying to tackle that guy. LOL. fun then after that i went home an got ready to go to another party. Lot of partys thins weekend. But man was this party fun. I went to tims party an boy i dont think i wont ever forget that night lol. Especially the whole poker thing that went on. Whoa! i was kinda pissed becasue i took of my contacts an then everything was all blurry but i still saw somethng. Yea that was really fun. Then Matt, Quicoy, Patrick, Patrica, and Hannah showed up. WAtching red vs. blue haha funny movie. Watching dogs eat puke very very gross. And listeing to people play the gutiar :sigh: it was a fun night indeed. An all of you that did not get a chance to go i am sorry an i wish that you could have gone....

Sunday- As for today it has been really borng indeed. I am sore from playing footbal becasue when ever i was playing football joey kneed me in the back so my back does not fell to good. Uhh i have a really bad headache at the current moment that is not going away. An i am stoped talking to one of my best friends today. Damn how can one day be so good an the next day be so shitty. Oh well i guess that is life cant do nothing about it. Allright all u G's i am done writing in this thing for right now....


Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Taking Back Sunday's New CD

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